Funny Fish

Funny Fish

Unique and fun casual fishing game!



This is a casual fishing game for those who never had tried fishing. 

1. There's nothing to study or prepare. 

2. Enjoy the feeling of fishing that goes through the iPhone. 

3. Collect more than 200 species of fish and a variety of items. 

4. All the fish are not the same. Catch the biggest guy which nobody ever caught. 

5. Inside the sea, there are fascinating items as well as all kinds of fish. 

6. Visiting the shop, various tools for more interesting fishing are available. 

7. All items sold in shops can be purchased with the coins you get in the game. 

8. Challenge the various ranking such as Fishing king, Rich king, mission king, new record King etc. 

* WARNING: Be careful about getting the wrong fantasy for fishing^^